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The CFR conducts independent, cutting-edge research of practical relevance in the area of finance. We offer talented students and graduates the opportunity to participate in our research, so that, given adequate abilities and interests, their way into international research may become easier. As a competence centre for finance, the CFR is finding resonance in academia and practitioners. We invite you to be part of the process!



jofThe CFR Working Paper No. 10-15 "The Valuation of Hedge Funds’ Equity Positions" by Gjergji Cici, Alexander Kempf and Alexander Pütz has been accepted for publication in the “Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis”.
jofThe CFR Working Paper No. 13-07 "Market Transparency and the Marking Precision of Bond Mutual Fund Managers" by Gjergji Cici, Scott Gibson, Yalin Gunduz and John J. Merrick, Jr. has been accepted for publication in the “Journal of Portfolio Management”.
rofmThe CFR Working Paper No. 11-07 "Window dressing in mutual funds" by Vikas Agarwal, Gerald D. Gay and Leng Ling has been accepted for publication in the “Review of Financial Studies”.
rofmThe CFR Working Paper No. 13-04 "Mandatory Portfolio Disclosure, Stock Liquidity, and Mutual Fund Performance" by Vikas Agarwal, Kevin Mullally, Yuehua Tang, and Baozhong Yangzur has been accepted for publication in the “Journal of Finance”.
At the 13th Colloquium on Financial Markets, Günter Strobl (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) was awarded with the Best Paper Award 2014 for his work “Transparency and Talent Allocation in Money Management” (co-authored with Simon Gervais). The award carries a cash prize of € 2.000. Congratulations on this great accomplishment.

German Factors and Test Assets

The Fama-French factors, the Carhart factor and test assets for the German equity market are now available for download. The factors and test assets have been calculated as part of a joint project of the CFR and the chairs of Prof. Alexander Kempf and Prof. Erik Theissen. We hope that this will be a useful and valuable resource to the research community. You can find the data sets here.

CFR Research / Internal Seminar

Due to Prof. Dr. Alexander Kempf's sabbatical semester there will be no research or intern seminars at the CFR during the summer term 2014.

14th Cologne Colloquium on Financial Markets

On Monday, April 20th 2015, the 14th Cologne Colloquium on Financial Markets will take place. The Conference will address current questions concerning asset management and is aimed at academics and practitioners.The Cologne Colloquium on Financial Markets will last the whole day and will be held at Kreissparkasse Köln in Cologne.

BVI-CFR Event 2014

The BVI-CFR Event, organised by the CFR and the BVI, takes place in Frankfurt on December 1st 2014. In the course of the seminar, CFR researchers present their findings from research projects. Participants of this seminar are executive board members and managers of member companies of the BVI. The event will be held in German.

CFR Working Paper Series

Bild CFR Working Paper14-12
CEO Fitness and Firm Value

Peter Limbach, Florian Sonnenburg

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