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CFR Research Seminar

At the CFR Research Seminar national and international academics present their findings. Furthermore CFR researchers present the preliminary findings from ongoing research projects for informal discussion.

Currently, the seminar takes place via Zoom. Interested academics or practitioners are welcome to attend. If you want to join the seminar, please write an email to Dr. Alexander Puetz (

Time Table SS 2018

Thur, 12.04.2018, 4-5.30pm
Alexander Kempf
University of Cologne
The Impact of Labor Mobility Restrictions on Managerial Actions: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry
Thur, 26.04.2018, 4-5.30pm
Claudia Peitzmeier
University of Cologne
Inter-Organizational Spillovers in the Mutual Fund Industry
Thur, 03.05.2018, 4-5.30pm
Jan Starmans
London Business School
Optimal Agents
Thur, 17.05.2018, 4-5.30pm
Gjergji Cici
University of Kansas
Do Connections with Buy-Side Analysts Inform Sell-Side Analyst Research
Thur, 14.06.2018, 4-5.30pm
Mario Hendriock
University of Cologne
On the Importance of Internal Labor Markets for Assessing and Deploying Human Capital: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry
Thur, 21.06.2018, 4-5.30pm
Simon Lesmeister
University of Cologne
Cross-Country Differences in Shareholders' Voting Behavior
Thur, 28.06.2018, 4-5.30pm
Nic Schaub
University of St. Gallen
The Impact of Internet Postings on the Trading Behavior of Individual Investors
Thur, 05.07.2018, 4-5.30pm
Zacharias Sautner
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Limited Attention to Detail: How Analysts' Valuations Change Following Mandatory Option Expensing
Thur, 12.07.2018, 4-5.30pm
Daniel Schmidt
HEC Paris
Fundamental Trading under the Microscope: Evidence from Detailed Hedge Fund Transaction Data
Thur, 19.07.2018, 4-5.30pm

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