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Working Paper 2016

André Betzer, Hye Seung Lee, Peter Limbach, Jesus M. Salas
Are Generalists Beneficial to Corporate Shareholders? Evidence from Exogenous Executive Turnovers
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 10/2018)
published in: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 55, 2020, pp. 581-619.
Francois Brochet, Peter Limbach, Markus Schmid, Meik Scholz-Daneshgari
CEO Tenure and Firm Value
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 01/2019)
published in: Accounting Review, 2021, Vol. 96, pp. 47-71.
Vikas Agarwal, Rahul Vashishtha, Mohan Venkatachalam
Mutual Fund Transparency and Corporate Myopia
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 08/2017)
published in: Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 31, 2018, pp. 1966–2003.
Marc-André Göricke
Do Generalists Profit from the Fund Families’ Specialists? Evidence from Mutual Fund Families Offering Sector Funds
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 12/2016)
Stefan Kanne, Olaf Korn, Marliese Uhrig-Homburg
Stock Illiquidity, Option Prices and Option Returns
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 07/2016)
Stefan Jaspersen
Mutual Fund Bets on Market Power
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 02/2021)
Olaf Korn, Marc Oliver Rieger
Hedging with Regret
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 08/2016)
published in: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, Vol. 22, 2019, pp. 192-205.
Erik Theissen, Christian Westheide
Call of Duty: Designated Market Maker Participation in Call Auctions
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 07/2019)
published in: Journal of Financial Markets, Vol. 49, 2020, 100530, pp. 1-47.
Peter Gomber, Satchit Sagade, Erik Theissen, Moritz Christian Weber, Christian Westheide
Spoilt for Choice: Determinants of Market Shares in Fragmented Equity Markets
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 08/2016)
published in: Journal of Financial Markets, Vol. 64, 2023, Article 100816.
Thorsten Martin, Florian Sonnenburg
Managerial Ownership Changes and Mutual Fund Performance
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 08/2015)
Antonio Gargano, Alberto G. Rossi, Russ Wermers
The Freedom of Information Act and the Race Towards Information Acquisition
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 04/2015)
published in: Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 30, 2017, pp. 2179-2228.
Gjergji Cici, Scott Gibson, Claire Rosenfeld
Cross-Company Effects of Common Ownership: Dealings Between Borrowers and Lenders With a Common Blockholder
Executive Summary | Download Papers (Vers. 12/2015)


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